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Power up your Widgetbox account. Upgrading is quick and easy. Hide the Get Widget button, no ads, create and share Pro widgets, and more.

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Blidgets allow you to turn your feed-based content into a personalized widget that you can share with others. Simply enter in your blog or feed-based address (URL) and the Blidget template will convert your content into a Blidget. You can further personalize your Blidget by customizing the look and feel with different fonts, stylings, and colors.

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Template Widgets

Our Template widgets allow you to easily create a customized widget from your own content. With no coding knowledge necessary, you can create a widget in minutes. You customize which fields you’d like to include in your widget and personalize the text. You can also customize the look and feel of the widget by choosing different images, fonts, stylings, and colors.

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Mobile Sites

Launch a mobile site in minutes. Create an engaging site that includes a blog or feed, YouTube, Twitter, polls, and more, that your followers can access on their mobile devices. We make it simple to quickly build your customized mobile site with just a few clicks — no coding required.

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Facebook Fan Page Apps

Easily create customized apps for your Facebook Fan Pages with no coding knowledge necessary. Many of our Facebook Fan Page apps are similar to Pro template widgets and Blidgets, but the difference is you create these widgets specifically for your Facebook Fan Page. Facebook Fan Page Apps are only available to Publisher Pro and Business Pro users.

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Widget Gallery

There are over 170,000 widgets in the Widgetbox gallery covering a wide range of topics and interests, including games, celebrity gossip blogs, news headlines, educational quizzes and many more.

Install any of the widgets in our gallery to a personal website, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or almost any other widget-friendly site. Browse by tag, topic, or featured lists to find fun and useful widgets to install.

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ClickTurn Ads

Powered by Widgetbox’s industry-leading platform—ClickTurn is a Widgetbox subsidiary that empowers publishers and advertisers to create, traffic, and optimize high-impact ad units.

ClickTurn is driving innovation in the display ad industry by turning static ad units into live applications rich in dynamic content and engagement.

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